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“He laughed. I suddenly wanted to laugh, to laugh with him, to sit here, or maybe outside in the rain, and just laugh with him. But I couldn’t. I couldn’t even smile.”

— Tablo, Pieces of You (via eunhyukspenis)

an introduction of red velvet // please do not repost

q: how did it feel to get your nose cleaned by nature republic?

introducing: red velvet

author-nim and his fan in the bathroom

when kookie realised the camera was on him

Wendy (Red Velvet) Fantastic Baby

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wendy - fantastic baby


every bit of you is so pretty

RIP igot7s

Lay - Celebrity Chef Has Arrived

kyungsoo - ‘it’s ok, it’s love’ - chasing after writer-nim jaeyeol

Suho Beautiful The Lost Planet in CHENGDU

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Best quality so far.

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omg *___* sexy predebut luhan